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RJ-59 crimp connectors

I was contending with the first example image below (left) this week. Why on earth does a crimp connector need SIX SEPARATE PIECES??

Retarded RJ59 crimp connector Good RJ59 crimp connector

Pin, connector, sleeve. You don’t need two washers (rubber, metal) and a part-conical metal ring to crimp something in place. WES components sent it to us and I’m so convinced they must have sent the wrong thing because I have absolutely no idea how anything is meant to crimp into place inside that thing. There isn’t even a sleeve to crimp. There’s a screw-on connector that does absolutely NOTHING for cable tension. Utterly useless. And you can’t crimp the barrel because there’s a die-cast metal screw inside it, isn’t there. And even if you had enough strength/a big enough crimp tool to manage that, all you’d succeed in doing would be crushing things and the connection would suck. I say this having tried on the part-cone which proceeded to quite literally shatter into fragments. Wow I love crimp tools, they exert so much force without appearing to, it’s hilarious!

But, whilst speaking of cables, Madison Technologies get a good rap. They’re cost effective and ridiculously fast with their turnarounds (regrettably so fast they wouldn’t wait for a courier, insisting on sending their own — but it was less than quoted, so that’s not so bad). Uhh, they do custom cables amongst other things. Good stuff. Ordered late Friday afternoon, the guy said he’d do it first thing Monday, and it was despatched by before lunchtime (which was when I called to give them our courier details, only to discover someone had already left!) Awesome service.