Josh (the blog)

I’ve delivered simple, clear and easy-to-use services for 20 years, for startups, scaleups and government. I write about the nerdy bits here.



Hi there, thanks for stopping by!

I’m a geek who loves Jesus and desires him to be first in all things, including About pages. He is the reason for being, the reason we continue to exist, and the only hope of salvation in a world ravaged by sin. Everything I owe to him: there’s nothing I can do alone, nor should there be any reason to without everything God accomplished through his life. If you’d like to know more about what it means to follow Jesus Christ, take a look at this really short explanation, then get in touch if you’d like to learn more!

Long-time Sydney resident, I go to church in Erskineville, studied at uni in Darlington, and live in Stanmore. I’m married to Tori – she’s pretty amazing. I’m also attempting to study Chinese with a medium-term goal of living in China, whilst keeping up all sorts of technology-related shenanigans.

Professional bio follows:

With over a decade’s experience, Josh has worked on a wide range of web and technology projects for clients big and small. He is passionate about applying technology to realise solutions to challenging, real-world, problems.

Whether crushing a rendering bug in the latest web browser, wireframing for user experience, advocating data-driven product development (A/B testing!), or directing multiple cameras from behind a vision switcher, I relish a challenge and opportunities to develop new skills and harness proven ones. With a background in front-end web development and accessibility best practice, I’ve been proven on some of Australia’s most demanding web projects for a diverse range of clients.

From mid-2008 until 2011, I lead the technology side of an education business, Equip Schools, reaching over 35,000 students across Australia.

Since then I’ve been working on some of Australia’s highest traffic sites at Fairfax Media, building out new sections, implementing client-side DRM solutions, and developing sophisticated data and analytics tools at scale.

Past projects include: web, e-commerce, competitions, CMS; 7 Network – “Sunrise Family” loyalty programme web & email campaigns, “The Night Cap” live streaming, “Sunday Night” live streaming/streaming portal website; Yahoo! “Sunday Night” live, “Yahoo! Music” integration, Flickr integration; Nextgen Learning – web, email campaigns; Step to the Future Forum – website, event direction, CMS; St Andrew’s Cathedral School – website, e-commerce, CMS; Becton Investment Management – website, CMS, email; Anglican Youthworks – web, email, SMS, CMS for youth portal; Telstra **- “Telstra Road to Tamworth” streaming, “Telstra Strategic Marketing” technology inc. Windows Vista security & maintenance, event website, MMS/SMS integration, photo processing, WYD’08 video wall, video processing; **Beijing Media Centre** – email campaigns; **Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Australia-Japan Business Co-operation Committee – website; and more.