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Hey there. I’m Josh, a SydneyCanberra-based maker of Internets. I don’t update this very often.


Local galleries fixed

As if this server wasn’t pushing enough traffic per day already (this site is generally 100MB/day of what you’ll see on that graph, plus spider traffic), I finally got around to sitting down and fixing the broken stuff about the gallery here. Well, okay, Ben did most of the fixing. I changed some URI structures/added some rules so that old permalinks start working again. Anyway, point is, all the old stuff is working again now. Not that this probably affects many/any of you who read blog stuff, unless you’re feeling nostalgic. Shrug :)

I’m now of mixed mind as to where to upload more photos. Flickr is fun + makes editing metadata easily + I’ve paid for it for a year. But here is stable + I have complete control and… blah blah blah… it’s not owned by Yahoo! (yet ;-) err I mean… *cough*)

Ah well. Flickr API’s make it easy to pull data out quick + easily. So conceivably it’d be not too hard to write something to “export” to cat-scan. Maybe by this time next year…