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Night-time power raiders

As per the last post highlighting the location of 3-phase power, tonight occasioned a trip (er, perhaps “drive” would be more appropriate when speaking of power) to Sydney Uni, to test a dimmer under the cover of darkness. All is good! And, so far as covert theft-of-wattage goes, it was a great deal of fun ;-) No photos of the occasion, unfortunately.

Everything went well until we tried to unplug the 3-phase from the socket, and the stupid thing ripped out of the sandstone. It wasn’t properly mounted to start with, but there was still a bit of an “oh crap” moment. Especially seeing as the thing was LOCKED in “On” position… yeah, probably not the safest of operations, but everything worked and it’s not like we needed to rely on it staying in place for a show or anything (obviously didn’t bother screwing it into place). Yay for ridiculous amounts of lighting powah.