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Sorry to jump on the date-propaganda bandwagon

But I thought I’d mention my first end-of-semester exam just happens to fall on 6/6/06. At 16:00. Co-incidence? I think not! Heh. Let The Omen try and monopolise dates all it wants… even university faculties have a strange sense of symbolic appropriateness in scheduling events. (Just for the record I don’t place much importance on the date. Just another day. It seems especially bizarre once you expand the date fully… 6/6/2006… what’s the “2000″ got to do with anything?)

Whilst criticizing the movie, it’s worth remarking that the only trailer I’ve seen for it was the most phenomenally underwhelming film trailer I’ve ever seen. Like, I actually had no response to it. Normally at least I’d go “wow that looks like a crap movie” to a bad trailer… this didn’t even evoke that much emotion. The impact of the trailer on me was literally zero. Having said that, being a fan of the genre for whatever reason (trashy, suspensful, potentially cool special effects, whatever) and watching too many films anyway (except for the, err, allegedly formative/canonical works of a medium that certain people have been trying to make me watch forever), I may well end up seeing it. The possibility is significantly lower than if the trailer hadn’t been utter crap. Even if my response is “wow that looks like a crap movie”, I might feel like watching a crap/trashy movie and actively choose to see it once in a cinema-context. That’s happened plenty in the past, with varying consequences in terms of enjoyment of film.

Then again, maybe the film is actually just that boring. A shot of some kid on a swing was the best they’ve got. It wasn’t even an understated trailer, because the clichéd VO guy was out in full force if I recall correctly. Nope, must just be a crap movie.