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PDAs are teh suck

Okay, I know I bought a PDA not a phone, but still. I’m pissed off. I went to UNSW end-of-semester party tonight and didn’t want to be carrying something the size of a quarter-kilo slab of chocolate with me, so swapped SIMs with another phone and took it.

Point of irritation #1: None of my contacts are stored on-SIM. There is no way to STORE contacts on SIM that I have yet discovered, only to import them off it. Hence, hell will ensue if I ever decide to change handsets (as it did when I moved from a CDMA handset to a GSM one a few weeks back… this point is fresh in my memory, and still rather painful).

Point of irritation #2: Because I swapped the SIM out, I left the phone with the SIM socket readily accessible so I could easily replace it when I got home. This meant leaving the battery out. PDAs can survive a few minutes on residual charge (backup batt?) somehow, but apparently leaving it alone for… three hours (? I wasn’t out long because I’m working tomorrow and… well, a few reasons) means that it’s prone to nuking everything in ROM/RAM/whatever the heck it stores its stupid information in.

Fortunately I’m pretty good with my backups (2/6/6 was the last). But I still lost a handful of calendar items, more than a few messages, one or two contact additions/modifications, my latest email sync info, and, more significantly, Bejeweled high scores. I know, I know. I nearly threw it into a wall when I discovered this. But that would have been unkind to the wall.