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Domestic overplay

I am so sick of Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Stadium Arcadium (album). Not because I’ve been listening to radio.

More often than not I delegate music selection to others in this part of the world. I’ve setup two 1RU mixers which go into a Yamaha amplifier/receiver that provides music in the office here, and generally speaking I’m quite content for someone else to sit and battle with “what comes next”. Sometimes it’s fun to play DJ, but, mostly, if there’s someone else willing to do it I’ll defer all power/abdicate all responsibility.

Unfortunately, this creates a radio-esque situation at times… as with this album. It might be absolutely massive, weighing in at 28 tracks (14 per CD), but it still all manages to sound like RHCP. Not that that should be a bad thing… I quite like their music. Just not in the kinds of doses we’ve had around here of late. Sigh.

I’m at the point where I could really go some electronica (yeah, including RnB) of some description… anything but rock with occasional acoustic tendencies. Staind would be an option, because they’re so heavily processed it’s great. Sure, all their music sounds the same, but it’s good fun. In a middle-aged-rocker angsty-kinda way. You know it’s not your normal late-twenties group when they’re singing about their kids. Well, okay, that’s not the focus of most of their music, but still. They’re old!

And I have no idea what that has to do with overplay. Whatever, music needs to change. I’m going out now and braving radio in the car. Should be great fun.

*flicks between stations to different time-points of the same song*