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Maybe I’m just a sucker for time/alternate-reality-based pseudo-didactic slapstick-protagonist-redeeming films, but I actually enjoyed the movie Click (2006). This one makes Adam Sandler bearable, as Eternal Sunshine did Jim Carrey. The ending, admittedly, is crap… but I can quietly tell myself that they only stuck it on so they could market it in good faith (if such a notion could be said to exist in that industry) as a comedy. Walk out of the cinema the moment you think would be a good/profound place for the film to end and don’t be disappointed. Or, stay and mentally cut it to suit, as I have.

Shockingly, amazingly, astoundingly, I enjoyed this and am actively recommending it to pretty much all audiences. Yes, it has Adam Sandler in it, and no, I haven’t lost my marbles.