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Hey there. I’m Josh, a SydneyCanberra-based maker of Internets. I don’t update this very often.


Got stock video?

If you’ve got stock video (random karaoke crap useless for anything else but mixed ambient visuals — OR — people footage from videoclips that are missing plots. Which basically means rap videos I’d say.) and wouldn’t mind lending me the CDs/DVDs for a day (preferably in Quicktime/MOV format, compressed as little as possible, no crazy codec variants) AND would be free for me to grab them tomorrow afternoon, send me an SMS/get in touch leaving a comment/whatever.

I can have plenty of fun with realtime vis from video inputs, but depending on how much light there is in the room it’d be nice to have stock to fall back on.

The occasion is nothing too serious… it’s an end-of-studycamp party for a Crusaders camp, so my ambitions are entirely my own and hardly out of any great need to impress… toy lights do a good enough job of that without video’s help. Just pushing myself a bit for kicks. I picked up a vision mixer a few weeks back for cheap that doesn’t have inbuilt TBC but can fade one source and has a positioner on black (well, positioner on another layer if you’ve got genlocked sources) which will hopefully perform okay. Despite it not having TBC it will say when sources are in sync, which is kinda nifty. I’ll eventually invest in a decent vision mixer but at the minute they’re still a little out of my range. If it’s not a horrendous failure, I’ll report how it works out :-)

Lighting will be lame party gear that I’ll hopefully mount significantly off the ground (there are four places in the room I can use) at least in part and then probably have one or two larger fixtures in corners/on a T-stand. Lighting, as always, will be largely forgiven by copious quantities of fog. Projection should improve matters in the room somewhat (in terms of visual quality) BUT will probably be rendered ineffective by the fog. If it’s too bad then I’ll just switch to visualisations, which is totally not a big deal at all… I just don’t get to be quite as creative *dreams of a plasma in every corner instead of a sole projector*.

So yeah, I am mildly excited. Will be staying up there overnight unless I’m feeling particularly energetic and in a driving-mood late that evening… the camp is at Galston which is slightly north of Hornsby. Doesn’t have to be a particularly long drive, and it’d undoubtedly be less susceptible to peak-hour traffic if I went back that night instead of Friday morning, but still… it’d be late. We’ll see.