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Must stop tinkering with electricals

Oh my goodness I can feel myself turning into an aspiring engineer. WHY ARE MY INTERESTS SO COMPLETELY SCHIZOPHRENIC? And no, I have no interest in being a highly literate, well-read engineer that is capable of communicating well, so don’t even suggest it. Mostly because I do an Arts degree and am not terribly good at communicating to start with (I make simple concepts take hours to explain, but if given those hours things should hopefully be abundantly clear and open for independent exploration + thought… so I don’t really know how the teaching thing would/will go. Fact is I suck at talking to people in normal contexts without a massive focus on particulars).

Anyway. I’m kinda pissed off with myself for wanting to take the thing down anyway and try fixing it because that is SO GEEKY and anti-social, etc. Like, I’m sure there’ll be a quiet hour or three in which I can do that without appearing such, but… bleh. Disliking… various things. Oh yeah I’m talking about a projector with RETARDED MGA (26-pin, 3-row. Used as AV feature connectors on mid-90′s Matrox cards and possibly later, D-SUB part impossible to source with a day’s notice.) CONNECTORS that SO NEARLY match up to VGA VESA spec as to be indistinguishable. The only difference is two pins for some kind of digital IO… even device ID pins (introduced in DDC spec for supplementing proprietary ID bits manufacturers were starting to use anyway, apparently) are the same. The digital IO pins seriously should have been saved for some other socket, because this causes so much unneccessary pain. Grrr.

I’ll source real parts upon return to Sydney if I haven’t ‘accidentally’ dropped it from the back of a rapidly-moving vehicle before then. I am sufficiently pissed off at the eBayer who neglected to say that absence of cables meant impossible connection. Despite listing PC and video input in item specs. Bastard. Grr grr grrr. Okay I’m done being angry at the world now. Time to go finish packing then throw crap in car then sleep for… six hours, then get pink slip for car because it goes out of rego in the middle of the week away (!) and THEN drive with people southwards to Orient Point. And in that week I’m hoping to do stuff with people/read books WAY more than geeking. Will see how this goes. :-/