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Back from OP2006

Got back from Orient Point last night at about 10.30 or some equally respectable time (felt like a really short trip despite near-disasters with lack-of-petrol, etc., made much less stressful/long thanks to an iPod shuffle clearly powered by the Energi[s/z]er bunny, good conversation, and shared driving load). Was awesome, featuring lots of console action, a bit of mud, a lot of water earlier in the week, a lot of water in a boat after certain people (see photos referred to later in post) capsized a canoe, Kahlua (straight, with ice-cream, with vodka, milk, and I’m sure there were other variants), moderate quantities of Taboo, a few hours of DVDs, sunset on the headland looking over water (yes, even on Australia’s east coast. I love rivers.), alternately good and okay food (few disasters, I’m pleased to report!), and a not-quite complete absence of Internet (only by GPRS when we were trying to get something working earlier in the week).

Am now sick. (Not very sick, just annoying-cold-sick). Sickness was probably brought on by late nights etc., but it’s not like sleep wasn’t had… plenty of sleep was had, just at slightly, errr… skewed hours. Plus other people made me sick but I timed it well so I wasn’t sick whilst away. *nods* Too many diseased clouds (aside: that so easily becomes diseased clowns, which is all fun and games until you go a step further: deceased clouds (rain) or deceased clowns (black comedy). Words are fun. (Apologies if I used them to annoy anyone too much during the week (seriously (I like brackets))).

Last night was going to be early (after an expedient trip home) then became late as some wedding party rehearsal (the wedding was this morning) locked themselves out and I went to let them back in (should have been a quick trip but I stayed to setup various stuff for a bit). Meh! Then I didn’t get to sleep for ages because of not-being-able-to-breathe badness. I kept waking up and finally gave up and ended up getting out of bed at about 6.30 this morning… yeeeuuuccchhh. Yeah, whatever, I don’t care if you normally wake up at that time. It’s that versus 9.00-ish to 11.00-ish every morning for the preceding week, so twas e’er so slightly painful. And now I’m exhausted (predictably), and plan on sleeping in until about 11am tomorrow morning.

Whilst that’s happening, hopefully 750-odd MB will be trickling up onto Flickr. Since I started writing this (probably twenty minutes to half an hour) I’ve done 8 photos (~2.55MB each)… poor computer :( Gonna be a long night for it! Ah well… Telstra is being retarded this month (still capped speeds despite not officially being capped according to its site, etc. Must call up and whine extensively.) so I’m gonna use it anyway, because uploads aren’t capped (speed-wise, even if they retardedly-count-towards-quota). I could alternatively upload at work (== iiNet ADSL2+ == no upload quota == fast) on Monday but I’m afraid I’m too impatient for that. Plus I *heart* kflickr and abhor their (Flickr’s) Windows uploader tool (fuploader it should be called, which makes a sound suspiciously like a belly-flop does (“fup”/”thwup”/”thwack”/*blood splatter*). F stands for FAILURE.)

Speaking of quotas and the like, how much mucus (I could swear that is spelt incorrectly) do you think it’s possible for a person to produce per day? I’m so sure I’m over quota right about now. Hopefully this means I’ll run really quickly through this cold and be capped by tomorrow! Hehehehe. Insert elaborate metaphor about running noses and de… what’s the word? Some drug. Does stuff with colds. Whatever… point is I dislike cold + flu drugs. They make me drowsy and I forget to take them and you’re not meant to mix them with alcohol… err hi. I mean… Operate heavy machinery. Yes, that.

Good week. Photos coming soon.