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Flickr Gamma photoset view

A screenshot of view discussed Flickr’s photoset view irritates me. There’s always so much whitespace it’s not funny, the columns are divided but the “cells” (apparently, for they’re not in a table I don’t think — can’t be bothered checking) are stacked without space, and the page goes on forever resultingly. The screenshot with this post (right) isn’t even the entire page. That’s about two thirds of the content right there. I cut the image for visual brevity, etc.

Point is, they should be doing this lots better but aren’t. All it’d take is a floated div or two, and it’s not like their website isn’t complex enough with JS/CSS/whatever already… the current design is utterly illogical and can only be justified as an effort (made consciously) to make people make shorter photo sets (financial/bandwidth incentive, perhaps?). Pfft. I didn’t pay my (however much per year) to Flickr, Inc. Yahoo!’s acquisitions team (it passes for innovation, perhaps? ;-) Okay I’ve had my little jab now.) to put up measly numbers of photos. You give me 2GB/month uploads and at the minute I’m using up to nearly half of that — and, yeah, it’s something I’ll pay for, because 90% of the time it’s mind-numbingly easy and painless. 10% is little UI stupidity issues such as this one. Sigh.