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Suddenly Arnie

Well the girls were having some ridiculously girly movie night (a Suddenly 30 sleepover — aka 13 going on 30 in most other regions, for some reason the Australian release got a different name), so we decided to go one better.

Spoof poster: Suddenly Arnie, Arnold Schwarzennegger vs. Suddenly 30/13 going on 30/Jennifer Garner.

Only ended up watching two movies but both were absolute quality… the first (Army of Darkness) because of mediocre (but not outright bad, and not pretentious at all) production values/ridiculous/fun plot, and the second (Commando) because of Arnie and associated explosions, gratuitous violence, barely-remembered-one-liners (it was noted his name is always John, presumably because, being monosyllabic, he will at least remember to answer to it), etc. Good times had by all.