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ANCON 2006

So much to tell. I can’t do so concisely enough here for it to be effective. Authentic and honest prayer from the Psalms, studying God’s nature and being, getting utterly confused about it all but ending up less confused than when I turned up at the start of the week, awesome fellowship + making awesome new friends, great singing/band, apparently-typical “camp high” feeling (though I’m usually fairly ‘immune’ to such things, shrug), challenges to so much stuff about how I’m living/thinking/being/relating/going.

Oh and lighting sucked because 1) I’m not really that good at lighting design at the best of times, 2) All I had to work with were six Par 64′s, an equivalent number of 56′s, and the same number again of even smaller fixtures, and 3) I’m glad I didn’t have a multimeter because I don’t want to know what kind of voltage fluctuation we must have been getting in that building. The desk was playing funny but I’m convinced that’s at least in part (definitely not all) because of power variation and the way digital measurements are taken from the sliding pots (i.e. transistor voltage range tolerance might be okay, and is still reading correctly the voltage drop across the channel which is of course fluctuating with the power into the desk). You’d think they’d have some kind of filtering in the console, but whatever. Could be wrong about all of this.

That said, people could be seen and at no stage did I “plunge everyone into darkness” ;-) So all is well! Well, it would have been without any mention of lighting whatsoever, but hey. I might want to look over this post for next year to recall my impressions of the site, or something, so this record will be potentially useful for that.