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Vocational vicissitude

I never thought I’d use my vocational training Information Technology credentials to any great effect, but have discovered otherwise in my first subject this semester (Computers in Education, part of EDUF1019). I [will, on submission of a bundle of photocopied joy (also known as certificate documentation) sitting next to me] be exempt from attendance for the rest of semester until the open-book exam in week eleven. Spectacular.

I don’t particularly believe Certificate III training in Network Administration is particularly relevant to Clarisworks, but no matter! The ramifications of this one HSC subject (and very very little associated effort/work!) are astounding!

Despite all this, some interesting stuff about education-research-specific databases, etcetera, so I might go along next week anyway as the lecturer (facilitator? It’s not a lecture nor particularly a tutorial, so I’m uncertain!) says it’ll be a bit more of the same stuff… after week 2 it’s meant to get into mundanity (important mundanity, I’m sure, but not particularly stimulating if you don’t have to!)

Maybe IT and education/arts aren’t as dichotomous as once thought… hmm. Along that line of thought, looks like Education get all the cool toys! I walked downstairs to level 2 on my way to the Computers in Education thing and there were two guys setting up a room with a Panasonic MX-70, heaps of LCD preview monitors, video distribution amps, audio gear (including valve pre-amps and other such nice thingies), and various other wonderful geeky things. It’s a pretty strange rig for an editing suite, but an even stranger security monitoring setup (like, unbelievably wasteful if that’s what it’s all for!)… but anyway, I’m hoping to figure out what on earth it’s for then spend lots of time in there by whatever means possible! Muwahahahaha.

In other uni-related news, I changed my timetable for this semester around a bit so that I don’t have an English seminar ending at 7pm and can get to The Night Train (and our Wednesday night bible study once that kicks off again in the second half of the semester) without speeding/taxis/killing small children/missing seminars. Which is always a good thing!