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It’s my VC funding and I’ll go broke if I want to

MySpace really know how to spend money. They’re presently repositioning htemselves as ‘a place for music’ (distinct, more astute readers shall note, from its previous slogan: ‘a place characterised by bizarre and angsty teenage social interaction or lack thereof’ — not quite as catchy) to the point that they are now sponsoring tours such that they are even being co-billed with Frontier on a poster I just encountered (I’m on a bus) for a Dashboard Confessional gig at the Horden next month.

How on earth they’re ever going to transform endless promotion into financial return is beyond me… but hey, I hear they’ve bought an Xbox hot air balloon, so at least they’re in good money-losing company. (Microsoft’s Xbox division, for those not in the loop, is more commonly known as the 4-billion-and-increasing-dollar-hole.)