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Kermit’s escape-by-hanging

Kermit escapes a sandstone castle

The novelty of Count von Count’s incessant counting finally wearing thin, Kermit opts out of yet another Sesame Street maths class taking full advantage of a cord and nearby open window.

Count von Count

The Count looks upwards at Kermit’s corpse later on and laughs: “One dead Kermit! Ah Ah Ah!” before proceeding to see if he can make his leg twitch (hey, they even do experiments on dead frogs in high school, okay? Nothing wrong with poking a dead frog.) The snow is a minor continuity flaw outside of my control; I believe such things have been attributed to von Count’s grandfather in the past (see following Wikipedia quote:)

The Count’s former girlfriend, Countess von Backwards, was known for counting backwards. More recently he has been seen with a new girlfriend, Countess Dahling Von Dahling. His brother and mother have made appearances on the show. His grandparents also made an appearance. When Grandma Count laughs, it rains. When Grandpa Count laughs, it snows.

Fine, you come up with a better caption/explanation for the first image above!

p.s. Muppets are probably the most brilliant animated/puppet characters ever to grace screens across the world. Just to get that out there in case anyone would deny it.