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UoW nightmare

I actually had the worst dream I’ve had in a long time last night. For whatever reason, it was suddenly decided that I was going to start attending UoW (not a bad thing in itself!) and, accordingly, move into a college down there (nevermind that I’d heard at least one of the colleges down there went bankrupt and didn’t even know how many others there were). I think it was something to do with a decision parentals had made, though I don’t know exactly what it could have been — I’m fairly autonomous, so they’d hardly be choosing a uni for me, and considering rent cost in Woollongong (1 bedroom flat for between $130-$150 a week) living out of a college would probably be cheaper and more likely what I’d go for, for various reasons. I remembered thinking it would be okay if I owned a car, but then thinking that I can’t really afford a car. Then, after that, realising that employment/prospects for employment are inextricably bound up in Sydney for me, knowing no-one in Woollongong (not even on mailing lists!) and not feeling terribly inclined to start working in a ‘normal’ uni-student job. Add to that the fact that I’d have to start working more (again) in order to support cost of living, etc., and the whole situation starts to suck quite a bit in terms of study. The not-having-a-car/uncertainty-about-public-transport thing gets worse when one starts looking for a good church within walking/bike distance.

Anyway I don’t think I’ve ever been so stressed in a dream before. (Stressed is different to scared, note!) I’m presently trying to figure out exactly why it was dreamt at all. Something to do with relative uni proximity/ease of pretty-much-everything in my present circumstances, perhaps.