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Tackles Sleepover ’06

Pillow fight

Much fun and little sleep was had. No fatal injuries, the worst was a few pillow-induced tears. Everyone — including leaders — but Adam (I think) was asleep by 1am, so we pretty much all managed nearly six hours. We restructured the normal morning programme so that the kids could actually concentrate for the study, and it all went really well. Thanks be to God for an awesome night! I think we had three kids along who don’t usually attend TACKLES so hopefully they’ll be back in the future. We got plenty of video shot (haven’t had a chance to ingest it yet, hopefully that’ll get done in the next two days as soon as I buy a Firewire cable! Really gotta get a camera to make video stuff easier… really gotta get a decent computer with Windows and Premiere) which will hopefully be turned into a 5-minute clip about TACKLES for the end of the year when the kids invade morning church. Plenty of still photos, too, which are always helpful for newsletters to parents and whatever else, in which we explain that yes, we did feed their children more sugar than they have consumed at any other point in their lives, and yes, they were allowed to stay up until the small hours of the morning. All good fun :-)