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Hey there. I’m Josh, a SydneyCanberra-based maker of Internets. I don’t update this very often.


Geek provocateur

For someone who is always doing stupid things, I manage to be happy an awful lot. Today was mixed in that, as the two were fairly fiercely juxtaposed. Ah, and there was confusion, too, but such things can be pleasant. Funny, how we like to cling to our illusions as they please us. Then again, perhaps the mirage will subside and we will blink as, behind it, an identical island stands — it is for this that we live chasing illusions as though they may be real (at this age, at least). It would be nonsensical to pursue matters too far, however, as that would be tantamount to explicit provocation.

Explicit provocation, it would seem, is something ridiculously embarked upon in other realms of life. No matter. It’s all in good fun, there. What bizarre identities one may shape for oneself! From this, again, we will move on. So full of … ah, something. It’s been taken away pending the results of a drug test, in the words of some wacky Canadians. Presumption steps forth with humility and all the appearances of modesty. Leadership and strength steps forth, likewise, with inert behaviours and all the appearances of meekness. Somewhere the two meet, but perhaps the moment is isolated somewhere one-hundred-and-eighty degrees from where it should be (on a vertical plane). Inversion isn’t a term we approach with caution this century, but perhaps it should be. Well; we approach its connotations of absolutism in such a context with great suspicion, but its usage is generally avoided with the exception of negligible and frivilous instances. Still, accepting some semblance of definable ‘normality’ let us end with joy, that emotion rarely feigned (or accused of such) and scantly maligned: one is rarely ‘too joyous’.