Josh (the blog)

Hey there. I’m Josh, a SydneyCanberra-based maker of Internets. I don’t update this very often.


A day of about seventeen Bigs. (Or, A big day.)

Today I:

  • Had a frustratingly circular discussion about the problem of [negative net social benefit resulting from existence] (‘evil’ is what I’d term it).
  • Worried about what next week would look like without any common conviction about the state of any problem, but tried to resolve just to pray more about it and worry less. It’s sort of working.
  • Stressed some more about actually finding time to get next week’s stuff done before Monday when I get to go through it with a good friend for practice’s sake, in light of groupwork, and an essay or two. Consequently, this post is procrastination and I will be heading to Fisher immediately after it’s published.
  • Went to an education lecture involving drawing various things, including some fascinating art psychology allusions.
  • Sat on a bus two meters from a talkative pre-school child and her mother, quite engrossed in their conversation. This is juxtaposed immediately against the backdrop of an education lecture which always tends to focus thoughts in that age-direction anyway. Consequently, I decided that no matter how many ways there are to potentially screw up being a parent, it seems immutably worth the risk. One day…
  • Quit my job. By way of buried statement, I’m now completely free to freelance. Exciting things to come, God willing.
  • Ate dinner at home at a relaxed pace for some reason (I don’t know why this is of note… I feel it is…), whilst wishing there were some other way to balance… everything.