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I hate academic snobbery

Oh my goodness. Why didn’t I go to Google sooner? All that time trawling through books and ERIC and Gale DBs, wasted!

I could have even hit I’m feeling lucky. I’M FEELING FREAKIN’ UNLUCKY! Number 1 match for “adolescent emotional development” (entered not out of desparation but simply on a whim this evening to see what it turned up! I’ll confess I was expecting angsty blog entries from some more-erudite teenagers rather than actual research.) unveils a brilliant overview page from an Assoc. Prof. at Queen’s Uni (Canada)’s developmental psychology department, which is incredibly well supported with citations, etc.

I should quit this whole uni/vocational dealing-with-people-and-books gig right now and go back to my little geek world in which Google knows all and Wikipedia can be read without fear of violent reprisals from the faculty thought-police. The two are converging! It’s like those cheesy rooms in movies with spikes on the walls that couldn’t realistically kill you properly because of the ridiculously large space between spikes that makes scaling the wall possible! And now I’ve stopped whining and am just procrastinating.