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Triple J and the awesomeness of the ABC

Continuing in the spirit of procrastination, I know, but I couldn’t help noticing all the awesome things ABC (that is, Australian taxpayer-funded TV/media network… nothing to do with American network of same name) are doing with their various brands. The most stand-out example in this sense, of course, is their tech-saavied’up youth/new-fandangle-embracing market service, Triple J. But they’re doing funky podcast stuff with the rest of their network, too. Anyway, JTV is exciting and cool. ABC’s lawyers must be the kindest, most understanding souls on the planet. And/or Triple J’s ‘casters are universally sensitive to copyrighted materials and all quite sedate and non-rebellious in a corporately rebellious sense. One of the two groups must be great team players, at any rate. Alternatively, we’ve got some awesome loophole in our copyright law/acts relevant to a national broadcaster absolving them of all fiscal responsibilities. But then there’s the question of why there’s no production music in live segments… and I don’t accept lack of quality on-air/production talent as an excuse, because that’s just not true. Certainly the talent is quite different from that on the commercial nets, but that just means the presenters are allowed to have an opinion and a brain much of the time. Maybe proximity-to-Inner-West has been affecting my tastes somewhat, but the dial (or, in this case, Rhythmbox’s stream) is getting stuck here more often of late.

Maybe we’re finally getting citizen media saavy enough to appreciate what they’ve been doing for the last however many years as finally ‘cool’. Which kinda ties into the idea of positive freedom in a Renaissance sense. But that has nothing (or little) to do with adolescent emotional development, even if it’s relevant for another pres due next Tuesday. So I’ll stress about that later on =)