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Jeyo SMS for Outlook

Screenshot: Jeyo Mobile Extender in Outlook 2002 receiving an SMS

A very useful programme for when you just can’t be stuffed reaching across to the phone sitting a few centimeters away from you on the desk ;-) Or, for those of us who manage to not notice a phone going off less than a meter away from their head, but will be instantly bugged beyond belief by a popup alert on their screen into responding. My SMS response rate has got nearly as bad as my email followups this last couple of weeks, so it’s probably helpful.

Oh, and it’s also useful for ‘backing up’ (yeah yeah, onsite = bad, etc.) /copying/pasting URLs, etc. in SMS. Jeyo doesn’t do MMS/PXT at all which is a bit of a bummer but it’s quite cool apart from that. I’m still deciding if it’s worth twenty bucks (Australian).

It operates through ActiveSync so you’ve got to have that going as well… which you probably would anyway if you own a PDA in any way associated with a desktop PC (weird *nix/mac types excepted – but as if Mac users would use anything other than a Palm! Well, maybe Blackberry have a foot in there, but it’s probably too corporate for them hippies – tongue firmly in cheek). It kinda bugs me that this functionality isn’t available for free from someone, actually, but whatever.

I can now send SMS for ~15¢ Australian through Skype, for ~5½¢ (real cost) using my mobile through Outlook 2002, or wait til people are on MSN and then send them whatever for free. Clearly, we pay for convenience. And don’t really value sub-gold-coin amounts of money.