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LyX on Windows

I’m installing it now, this is so completely painless. And, it even offers an Esperanto dictionary via aspell!! I suppose open-source gurus are prone to obscurity, hey ;-)

It’s downloading ImageMagick and GhostScript (hopefully AFPL… no, wait, they’ve now caught up the GPL version! Yay!)… at a meagre speed because it’s a net-based installer. But this is free. And open-source. And they have net-based installers. And it found my already-installed MiKTeX! Instant cool factor. Maybe this Windows gig isn’t so bad afterall. (On second thoughts, I haven’t tried to get it to run yet, this is just the installer… It’ll probably be all fun and games til I try and change the dictionary from Afrikaans to English… or Esperanto… not that I speak it, but whatever).

Meanwhile, I just discovered I somehow have random papercut-esque things all over one of my fingers. Bizarre. Almost as bizarre as my benefitting from the work of open source on Windows as much as I do. Quite odd, indeed.