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Python is so cool

Python logo

Or maybe I’m just getting excited about programming again. I just discovered django, and have decided that Python is a seriously underrated language. It’s probably as high-level as Rails, only all the cool and successful kids (that is to say, the ones that have been around a little longer than Basecamp. Not to fling mud at Basecamp, but I just don’t think I’d want to fully embrace a framework that’s so-much-more-than-a-framework — because, let’s face it, who had heard of Ruby before Rails?) are using it.

Part of the appeal is possibly the name. Di-jang-go. Di-jun-go. Say it with me (either way). *yells “jumanji” and hopes no-one notices*

It looks unfortunately web 2.0 but no matter, hopefully it’s useful. I remain by no stretch of the imagination a programmer. It’s been too bloody long since I even pretended. Maybe it’s time to start again (only after next Thursday, after writing and researching three large-ish asssessments).