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Education essay well and truly finished

Quite happy with that. Now I’m going to go and read myself to sleep and then bounce back up not-too-late tomorrow morning and churn out… 400 words an hour. It’s waffly political crap (borderline philosophy, quasi-historical) so I’m looking forward to it. What I’m not looking forward to is finishing it, getting it handed in, and then realising there are no fun assessments left. Looking at this Language and Image assessment is like watching a tidal wave approaching when you’re ten kilometers out to sea in a kayak (Which is code for, I need a drink). But, anyway, enough about that.

Education has had its butt sufficiently kicked (alas, no “In soviet Russia, butt kicks you!” style sentences were had, despite Vygotsky and his band of merry men the Kharkovians being great Soviet fun for all the family, except for Stalin’s son, who was apparently deficient and daddy resultingly banned Vygotsky’s work for a bloody long time), though I was somewhat disappointed that the faculty only likes APA style citation. Sigh. Anyone would think that education is actually practical or something, psscchtt. I pulled out the MLA Handbook (fourth edition, because fifth only adds online citation info — and, honestly, who would cite a website? — and because it was dirt cheap (well, okay, about half price) and I’m nerdy enough to want to own one) just for comparative kicks. Well, that and I wanted it handy for starting history. Should be good times.