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Handango lies and Mobile Extender executables

So I bought Jeyo Mobile Extender today with one day of my trial left. From Handango, because, for whatever reason, they decided to delegate (probably the most important part of) their sales process to a 3rd party. They try and sell me some BS “Download Protection” (what is this, the mafia?) in case I lose the download. Well, I don’t need that, because I’m paying for a serial number for the product and shouldn’t really be downloading anything. Long story short, there is no serial number required for Jeyo Mobile Extender. Go forth and pirate, etcetera.

More seriously, I saved the link to my download from Handango (racketeering mobsters that they are) and fired it up in another browser (that is, without an active session on their site) and it worked perfectly fine the first time. So I emailed myself the executable and that link and saved myself a little over three bucks.

Morals of the story:

  1. Don’t believe anything you read in a trial version about serial numbers.
  2. Handango are a bunch of lying chumps out to steal your cash.
  3. Normally “Profit!!!!” but in this case… “Use p2p and save!”

Okay, I’m kidding about 3. I paid for it and you should, too. Just don’t believe their lies…