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Rage. Uni. Anger. Blood. Tears. Web applications.

I am about to start crying because of a web application for the second time in (I think) as many days. No, it’s not MySpace (it was sufficiently vanquished after some tumbling about with pointed sticks).

I suppose I should have known better. Just because there’s no warning, doesn’t mean it’s not about to do something stupid. Particularly given the University of Sydney’s web team’s fetish for session timeouts like they’re running some high-grade-cipher-required (they use 256bit SSL certs for everything) nuclear launch system. Only not, because Kim isn’t a student. But, then again, even if he were the usability issues would probably be manifestly more successful than the UN/non-proliferation treaties.

Whatever. So I spent too long agonising (and I do mean agonising) over subject selection for pre-enrolment (I know, I don’t need to worry, I can change it later — whatever. I’m having a stressful day and for whatever reason am choosing to get this out of the way now so that I don’t experience this later. That’s the theory.) and then the monster ate it all. What really [expletive] me is that when I finally made my last choice, I went and entered it then its bloody popup-confirmation system (which, incidentally, is quite usable but I despise it on principle) still worked. Submit it? Sorry, you’re not logged in. Log in? Their [another expletive] auth proxy doesn’t even pass the right GET vars (strips ? and possibly ampersands, too, it seems, so I got a lovely 404 page), let alone everything I just POST’d. Talk about stabbing users in the back.

Words cannot express how irate I am right now.

To top it off, I’m increasingly convinced I somehow managed to screw up my whole degree programme whilst still in first year Arts. No, I didn’t think that were possible, either. I am adequately pissed off with the world to leave this post here.