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Hey there. I’m Josh, a SydneyCanberra-based maker of Internets. I don’t update this very often.


Enrolledish (plus rants, etc.)

Eighteen per semester. Was the best I could manage. But it’s now officially submitted and done so before the online cutoff of November 10 so that’s one less thing…

But I haven’t got any education units. Or any history units. And… that has certain drawbacks.


Meanwhile, I declared war on Taiwan today on account of a particularly vermicious vehicle for volumes of veraciously vacuous vignettes. Or just regular data. But whatever, it’s a decidedly evil external hard drive enclosure with USB2 and SATA2 ports on it. SATA2 works great, USB2 worked great for all of about five minutes and then stopped working on every computer known to mankind. Where mankind = my house. Which is not quite sentient, but getting there. *drapes more blue cables, pats switch.*

This is punishment for not purchasing goods from where Josh recommends :) Nevermind that I recommended them once, I think that once, in the very distant past, I recommended Cworld and look where that got us. Okay, that fiasco was actually before content on this blog began. And I still haven’t forgiven them. I hold brand-grudges lonnnng time.

Present sweetheart supplier is in Kingsford, because they’re nearly as cheap as MSY and within comfortable walking distance (or lightning-quick drive/bike distance). And the service isn’t too bad, either, especially when it comes to ordering stuff and getting it in same-day. Dad needed an external hard drive and bought the bits from THX (I will persist in calling them that for as long as I bloody well want to. Simply because is easier to type than, and because was (unsurprisingly) taken — not by them. Rule number 1 in retail IT business naming: easy to recall/guess domain names. Most important IP a business like that will ever have. And, also, the name THX evokes all kinds of wonderful geeky nostalgic feelings which can’t be passed up lightly) who sold him a hard drive for $40 more than it would have cost from Umart and an enclosure for… who cares, it’s a piece of crap. Actually, so far as industrial design goes, it’s probably one of the better ones I’ve seen (if a little cramped), but the fact is it doesn’t work. So game over.

Ah, nothing like a good geeky rant to forget the troubles of the world as they pass by (IhaveanexamIwillprobablyfailonWednesdaymorningohcrap). In other moderately exciting news, apparently Raw Ideas are moving office to somewhere that there’s actually elbow room and I’m possibly going back there for some work over the summer. Depends a lot on how project stuff goes between now and the end of the year but it’s nice to have options. Would be good to be working full hours for a few weeks even if it’s split between employers. Australia needs more web monkeys (optionally imported as stowaways from China).