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State of the web: An observation

If everyone were to stop hiring or outsourcing to people that did rubbish work for six months, that should be sufficient for them to either starve, find non-IT-related employment (or at least IT-related employment far enough away that they wouldn’t piss off the rest of us), or become at least slightly proficient.

Assuming that the average IQ of developers is not so dim that, if the Matrix were real, a room full of us would struggle to light an LED, this might even go some way to resolving the gargantuan labour shortages with which the industry is presently faced. Latest is that even Bangladore (or whatever non-Westernised name they are wanting to be known by now, I can’t remember it) are anticipating having only one-third of required workers based on current growth rates within the next year or two.

Incidentally, if anyone knows a decent developer (preferably with a Python background, but that’s not essential…) who would be keen on working for a Christian organisation full time for about three months, pass on their details. I’m not fussed about working from home or not, but ideally they would be based in Sydney and able to come into the CBD once a week or as required. Remuneration commensurate to experience and all the rest of that. Nothing’s finalised yet, but this would be for a start in early January. After the three month period there would be occasional contracted/casual maintenance.

Just putting this out there in case anyone’s looking for work or has heard of someone with the right skills that is. My strong preference is for someone who is aligned with the goals of the project to come on board (it’s a website for enabling Christian youth ministries to use the Internet more effectively… so, Christian applicants who are motivated in the same ways by the same thing)… but if things don’t work out then obviously first preference is someone I know/is recommended over having to do the whole CV-trawling, cold-interviewing trip.

Will post more once I get around to making some decisions (sometime after exams, which finish next Friday, allowing me to catch up on about a month of untouched work!)