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That’s unpossible!

Went and got back my last assessment for English 1005 today. Predictably, nothing pleasant, but only shy 5% of a pass. (The exam can still make me pass). I pity anyone reading my uni transcript in the future, because I’m on track for a distinction (I need a meagre 59 in the exam) in the other English course I’m doing this semester, and aiming for an HD (I would need 92 in the exam) just to make the contrast all the more confusing.

And I think I’m finally starting to get this modernity thing, too. Way to pull it together in the last week, the course has been fun but completely thematically unsound up until earlier today! My only concern with the exam for that subject is that the first part requires close textual analysis (which I haven’t started yet) of a poem, and I’m afraid I’m going to try and go all functional grammar ninja and try to open up a can of experiential analysis on its ass, managing only to cut myself on the can as the poem runs away shouting war slogans.

Very modern.

So, hopefully I will avoid slightly more, err, exotic forms of analysis and just stick to the sensible stuff. Either way, it’s reassuring to know that at least in one of my English subjects this semester I could continue to do the don’t-write-anything-in-exam-and-still-pass dance. One of these days I’ll put in enough work to get good at all my subjects for that semester. One day.