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Hey there. I’m Josh, a SydneyCanberra-based maker of Internets. I don’t update this very often.


Nerd Card

I finally relented and got a Jaycar trade card. Something snapped when I went in to buy 30 mains plugs. I got my discount, though, so all is well. Only ended up saving $7.50 off list price for that kind of quantity, but it all adds up, I guess. It’s $30 cheaper than at single unit pricing, so that’s a little more snazzy.

Jaycar Trade Card

I’m telling you this in case I get fat and more pale and grow my hair slightly-too-long-to-have-gel-in-it and then use gel anway, or, alternatively, go bald, and grow a seedy goatee and end up working there. Heh, retail geeks, sif ;-)

Nah, they’re generally really nice, just occasionally (too often) a little clueless. And there’s certainly a basis for the stereotype delineated above, if what that place looks like on your average lunch time is anything to go by. Although there were a disproportionate number of female customers in the store… and there was a female employee there, even! Shock! Mind you, she is asian, so I suppose that’s permissible.

Haha, yes, take all this with a very large grain of salt ;-) Stereotypes ≠reality (some resemblances excepted)

Anyway, stop me if I exhibit any particularly gratuitous nerdishness.