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CYIADA Survey, part 1

So titled because, God willing, there will be more surveys to come.

Went down pretty well methinks. Praise God! I managed not to talk too long or garble words too much, as evidenced by the fact that people managed to write down what “CYIADA” stood for when I explained it was nothing to do with cryptosporidium or Sydney Water — some surveys had “Christian Youth in a Digital Age” neatly penned across the top next to my cryptic “CYIADA” acronym, which brought great joy! Obscure acronyms worked well because the previous spot had opened with “What does CMS mean?” (no, not the web developer’s idea of a CMS), so I was able to follow that up with something no-one would guess, and use that as an excuse to launch into a little rant about what it was. I’m pretty sure I took under three minutes.

That three minutes was basically: for people like you (youth leaders); early next year (2007); gives blog, podcast, email & SMS tools; lets you get resources you need online instantly; best used to link back to real world ministry/promoted in real world ministry; we want to know what you think about it/how you’d use it.

I had planned to read from a script but kinda got up and changed my mind, for whatever reason — we were running a couple of minutes behind, the audience seemed more intimate than I’d thought (hadn’t seen the venue before), and I didn’t really like what I’d already written, anyway. So yes. Punchy apparently worked well enough.

Enough people were excited about it to make me immensely happy, and I got more than 50 survey responses (from 130 printouts, probably 120 participants as predicted, but it let me cover empty seats when papering the room before the session) which is so so useful. A few seemed very disinterested or generally negative about it, which did hurt a bit but really, there’s no way I was going to get 100% positive feedback.

By positive I mean supportive rather than “yes, we would use something like this” — I got a lot of positive responses that even fall outside the product’s scope, which is frustrating in an entirely different way — I’d not even considered there might be people who only did kids ministry at the conference, but discovered two lovely responses from people that had added primary school years to my question, “Leading kids in school years…” and circled them, instead. They were interested in none of the contact functionality, but were keen on perhaps starting to use video to support what they were doing. Of course, that’s outside the scope of what CYIADA is trying to do, but there’s no where else for them to get that in the same way (there are DVD-based resources for this, but not any videos available online under a micropayment model).

Aggregate results might get published sometime. Not tonight, I think the last week has just set in (or maybe I drank a bottle of V this afternoon and it’s worn off? Shrug.) Either way, I’m sitting at work completely exhausted and need to go home and sleep muchly.

(Still need to setup domain name quickly, before anyone sees it! Sigh… I’m so organised…)