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Good dreams

I don’t usually even remember dreams. And, when I do, they’re generally just random narratives that don’t link in closely with real life. Last night was different… I dreamt that a box of computer stuff arrived unexpectedly (from a known sender, with known contents… it just wasn’t meant to be sent for free/at all), and then, in some bizarre shift that tends to happen in dreams, I was at church before something started (Carols service? evidently the holiday I’m meant to be away on then didn’t happen… but what happens next defies that chronology) just standing near the door, when all of a sudden a friend who is a long way away taps me on the shoulder & we go and sit down somewhere. Just for a day, just on a stopover at home, before heading elsewhere… but still… lovely. I miss more than I think. Then there were vision and sound problems, but I wasn’t going to get up in case my friend disappeared. And the problems fixed themselves/other people appeared (literally, it’s a dream okay?) to fix them.

But this morning is weird because the dream established a contrast of distance from reality that isn’t entirely pleasant. That’s why good (completely) irrational dreams must be better than good (tenuously) bound-to-reality dreams. And now I’m in that post-dream woke-up-too-early (I woke up normally) state of confusion & expecting something strange to happen & not knowing exactly what’s going on or if everything is alright (there were other dreams, too). By the time that feeling subsides, I will have forgotten the dreams completely and remember them only by this milestone. This boundary stone of dreams.