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You know you’ve made it big when

Your CDs are featured in $10 CD shops. Clearly, enough stock has been made that there can be excess and demand enough that these places will buy it and hope to move it quickly!

I bought a Switchfoot CD today. And enjoyed it. Their music works a lot better as an album than as standalone songs, especially that horrific title track. I don’t understand its appeal at all. The rest is quite pleasant (and surprisingly, to me at least, overtly Christian — probably because they somehow get by without mentioning Jesus or Christ or anything like that on their website)

Almost sarcastic in places, which isn’t quite what I was expecting. I like that sort of thing. Meh.

Also been listening to Sarah Blasko the last week, trying to figure out all kinds of clever links to the poem on which the album What the sea wants, the sea will have is based (Coleridge’s Rime of the Ancient Mariner). So far I have nothing. Except a burning question as to the hierarchy of the two — is this like “the film based upon the book”, wherein the more artful form is generally taken to be that which was prior? Or is there something else afoot, when one can extrapolate an entire album from a relatively straightforward (though admittedly textually rich and voluminous) poem?

There is a certain frustration deciphering contemporary works that isn’t there with those of dead white men, simply because with one there is the possibility of exertion to obtain a straightforward answer. That, of course, would be admitting defeat — and I probably wouldn’t like it as much as the frustration, anyway.

What the sea wants is, by the way, a prime example of why not to buy albums off electronic music stores. The album is physically superb (though there are dodgy jewel case versions floating around — the cardboard one is the good one) in terms of its packaging (yay for UV spot printed birds & comprehensive liner notes & photos in a separate booklet!) and content.

Also speaking of competitive advantages of… everything vs. online music stores… the $10 Switchfoot CD is not, in fact, a CD. It’s a SACD. Presumably Hybrid goodness because it played in an anachronistic CD player I’m using when in transit at the minute (yes, you read that right. I can’t get a portable device that works with this lossless stuff, it’s ridiculous. And if you dare suggest I buy an iPod, the latest Bond movie has a method of torture that you may be interested in–saw that film tonight with people, was good times–though that scene had every male in the building cringing massively). I wasn’t sure if it would even work — because, yes, I check the packaging that closely before I buy stuff — more for watching out to see if it was infested with crappy doesn’t-really-work-properly copy protection rubbish than anything else. But it did. I don’t know if it’s any better, but I’ve only really listened to the SACD version at work on a crappy Dell computer. It has bad AC’97 audio which = lots of line noise, etc.

Onboard audio can be okay for playback (my Venus is but it bloody well should be given how expensive it was), just that computer wasn’t. And it’s time for me to sleep now so I’m not about to test, or then I’ll have to rip as well and inevitably wind up discovering some new and exciting set of codecs that are better for SACD for x reasons, and so forth, then it’ll be 2am again and… general badness ensues.

I’ve already sat up and read the Wikipedia article and lamented the copy protection measures in place. Sigh. *feels like a geek… at least I’m not playing Wii ;-)*