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Sign of a desparate history faculty?

Not enough people enrolling in honours? How about sending a letter (yes, paper letter) to every single 1st year student who achieves a credit or above (after all, that’s all you need for honours) asking them if they would be interested? Because, you know, credit-average students are all brilliant and passionate enough to bother sticking around at uni that extra year.

It’s flattering and all, but a little misplaced methinks. Now all I have to do is bicker with them until I’m allowed to do second-year history on account of perplexing prerequisites. Which involves getting in touch. Which involves kidnapping someone, I think, because leaving a message just doesn’t seem to be too effective in that place.

Please excuse my pent up sarcasm. This is pre-holiday trauma brought on by packing whilst trying not to get too frustrated at overly panicked family members and getting on top of freelance work whilst waiting for some moderately important details that were meant to arrive at “close of business” (quote) today. It’s now 5.05pm. I’d normally say it was just someone else’s problem (I’m only gone ten days), but this is my baby we’re talking about, so it’s not quite that easy.

The joys of working for a startup, hey? Only it’s a well-funded startup sharing premises with not-really-a-startup-at-all. So maybe I will be able to poach staff from other startups… one particular individual came to my attention at a meeting last night & rest assured I will be working hard to convince him that he wants to quit his job ;-) Pumba was sitting a few seats away when we started talking and disappeared to get a drink. He burst out laughing on his return because of the speed with which I’d managed to launch into my project spiel to this particular individual… I felt kinda bad at the time but now just find it amusing :P

Anyway. I leave tomorrow and will hopefully get so much more reading done than in the last eight months at uni. And maybe skin cancer.