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Sydney NYE fireworks

Taken from Ellen‘s house (thanks Ellen :D) Just for kicks, see if you can compare the first shot in this post (5 minutes before any fireworks) to a similarly composed photo later on, paying special attention to the amount of clouds visible. Somehow I don’t reckon they’re buying carbon credits for this $AU4M detonation.

The fireworks themselves were crap… we were all left wondering if something else was going to happen (that being the symbolism of the question mark?) … but then perhaps the question mark was meant to be something else. I was waiting for it to flash up the letters “LOLHAX” in succession. That would have made me giggle so much I would have fallen off the pier, but not before snapping plenty of photos of it ;-)

So, who’s up for bridge-hacking/culture-jamming to an audience of a quarter of Sydney’s population next year?