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Firefox memory usage

I love how Firefox can just sit there, chillin’ on a quarter of a GB of memory, even in version 2.

OpenOffice doesn’t use that much memory. The GIMP’s been a running and used process nearly as long and it’s still using less than 200MB of memory.

Where, o Firefox, is your clone tool for designing from various ‘inspirations’ online, hey?

Small consolation is that it crashed and didn’t close properly (hence my thinking to check how much memory the monster was using… 2GB is generally pretty roomy for me, so I’m not too stressed about resources), so obviously everything is not okay and they’ve got some work to do for the next release still.

Or I’ll go back to using Opera, I tells ya!

(Slightly tongue in cheek — I can’t go back to Opera, on account of having discovered the wondrous tool that is Firebug. Sigh. Damn extensions. They don’t even use much memory.)