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Hey there. I’m Josh, a SydneyCanberra-based maker of Internets. I don’t update this very often.


TPG weirdness

So it’s fast. But it’s not so fast during the day. And not so fast when dealing with Australian servers. By way of example, when dealing with AARNet’s server, I was getting a measly 30KB/s download. So I go and start grabbing the same file off a US server and all of a sudden I’m cruising along at 500KB/s. Yeah, go figure.

Me, I blame the crappy web proxy they make everyone use. It’s so cheap, though, that I’m not too fussed about it.

Just in case you cared, I’m syncing at 16418/1021… it’s acceptably snappy. The performance isn’t amazing during the day (and you’ve really got to wonder why–it’s not like many businesses use TPG, is it?) but it tends to behave itself more (i.e. with Australian servers) at night. I haven’t had a chance to hit up a bit of CS/Q3/UT/UT2k4/other network game for “testing purposes” yet… maybe this evening. Maybe.

In other news, I’ve discovered I’m generally more productive working from home than in the city. Something to do with a little more sleep, a little less aircon (it’s oppressively warm compared to super-chilled offices, but I prefer it that way), a little more monitors (I’ve only got one at work), a little faster Internet (aforementioned speeds versus a 4Mbps link shared between about 150 people, 20+ servers and channelled through a craptacular proxy), and more natural light. Perhaps.

Now the only problem is juggling freelancing commitments with “employee” commitments… but I’m using a computer for one and textas for the other at the minute, so it’s fairly clearly delineated right now.

It all drives you slowly crazy, but I was never a huge fan of sanity, anyway.