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Brand fatigue

I’m just having one of those I-wish-there-were-other-people-on-team days, but bear with me whilst I briefly complain: I’m sick of having this stupid acronym for a name (CYIADA) — it’s as bad as joahua in terms of domain-name spellability! If you’re ever in doubt about that, apply the radio test: if you had to run a radio ad that had a phone number and web address at the end of it, would it work?

So today we’re running the second CYIADA presentation and survey up at KYLC (Jodie’s doing it so I’m not heading up this week, which is cool but a bit boring! Nearly everyone ran away…) which got me thinking about it again. Ah well. People will be confused about where it is one more time — I’m hoping they’ll run the web address up on the screens for the duration of a four minute presentation… that should be long enough to get six letters down!

Anyway… names… I’m so out of ideas. Please be praying for inspiration or someone who’s got a bit of creative prowess about them to throw at a brand for this thing. (I can do words but marketing and academic writing aren’t exactly identical… so I must do at least one of the two badly, I don’t know which just yet!) Usage: secular evangelism (but it’s a “find out more” resource in that sense, so don’t avoid using God-words if you were going to — no-one is being scared off by that), marketing to leaders, marketing to marketers (bands, camps, conferences — so words in the same semantic realm as “connect” are a good idea), and a tiny bit to youth group kids themselves. But if we can hit the first three then the fourth will take care of itself, methinks.