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People threw me a surprise party for my birthday.

It took be a full ten seconds after I walked into the room to catch on.

Gem lied to me a lot over the course of several phone calls and conversations, Szanto was complicit in sending faux group text messages (a nice touch), Claudia conspired to offer a venue, and Luke was strategically late. Others probably deserve crediting but will forgive my memory — perhaps it took me too long to realise and it will come to me in another week or two!
Was rather good times.

I had to be told to blog this. I’m not being rude, I just don’t have any photos of the night to stick up, and, really, it feels a bit flat without them. There was an underwater camera but it ran away to Melbourne before I could steal things from it.

So, maybe photos to come. Marcelo was taking Myspace photos underwater. Addict. Betraying the “I hate myspace” cause to which you once held fast! On the plus side, he doesn’t have the photos yet, either :P