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WordPress 2.1

Sorry to sound like an absolute fanboy, but I’ve been hanging out for this for about two weeks (which is a long time for me when it comes to open source software that typically has vague release dates–although that isn’t WordPress any more).

Sounds like… magic to my ears. Also looks as though there may be a bit of work involved when it comes to taking advantage of all the new goodies on old websites, but that’s probably to be expected. Although it’s a one-way upgrade (database structure changes), at very least it doesn’t appear to have removed any functionality. Which is beautiful.

I’m also going to enjoy rolling this out on a multi-user site that’s using WP as a backend without telling anyone, just to see if they notice the little UI enhancements it’s throwing out all over the place. (Well, assuming the upgrade goes well… otherwise I’ll send a red-faced email letting them know about it!)

I’ll probably roll it out here before the end of the week. No new theme coming, so it’s probably only really exciting for me… but that’s okay. ;-)