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Ubuntu makes me sad

I don’t even particularly blame it, but it’s not working on whisper (faithfully serving in a cupboard since early-2005) anymore. It was running 5.10 (I think) for yonks and then today I decided it might be easier/cleaner to pull the plug and re-install than just change the apt sources for a third time (or however many it’s been)

So I downloaded 6.10 (hence the torrent post) and it didn’t work.

Fine. I downloaded 6.06 LTS (the, you know, meant-to-be-überstable-and-longlasting release) and it hangs loading the kernel. No kernel panic message, it just gets stuck.

This is annoying.

I’m basically going to rebuild this entire server for Django‘s sake, because it’s so useful for non-programmers like me to build things that work. This has been an interesting week at church because a whole bunch of new things started/old things restarted and finally I’m in a position to evaluate where we can use technology from an “insider” standpoint with regards to what I’m being paid to do at Youthworks.

I’ve got two smallish (with potential for massive extension) apps that I want to build in under two days for ongoing internal use (one for TACKLES, another for my Switch small group this year) which will essentially form prototypes for revision/replacement as appropriate for use in a CYIADA global context once we get a programmer on board (God willing sometime soon! I’m meeting with someone who will hopefully be helpful in this regard on Friday, please be praying!) and make some more concrete decisions about architecture. I can draw flowcharts until there’s nothing left to flow but that doesn’t get business logic written!

I’m thinking the Ubuntu issue will be some stupid hardware thing that will go away once I take the computer apart. It probably needs a bit of a clean, anyway. I just so don’t have time to spend on sysadminy type stuff these days, only no-one else at work will/is interested in doing it, which is rather annoying — there’s free hosting, but it’s seriously the most vanilla hosting environment you’re likely to find anywhere. It’s a CPanel/WHM gig with zero redundancy, zero backups, PHP4 only, and blah blah blah no-one cares. Generic with a capital G set in Times New Roman. There is, of course, little interest in anything using a non-.Net platform. I’d actually quite happily use MSSQL, but ASP.Net is, by all reports, just gross from a web standards perspective. And whilst I’m slowly being de-radicalised in that regard (partially because I am caring less about standards and more about accessibility, which is bad long term anyway, and also because my viewpoints are becoming less radical as mainstream moves towards where I am now! CSS is the norm, and pure content/presentation separated sites are probably representing 50% of site refreshes at the minute), I’m not quite ready to throw in the towel that much just yet.

Nor should I be.

*soapbox off*