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Caffiene is made for waking…

And that’s just what it’ll do.
I made the mistake of ordering an affogato at about 8 this evening, thinking that between going out with some friends after & general geeking out when I got home after, I’d be in bed by a fairly reasonable time (like 1am or thereabouts).

Clearly, I was wrong. Ah well… It’s been a good several hours! I don’t drink coffee often, as evidenced by the fact that a single shot of espresso can keep me up til 3 in the morning! On the plus side, I started learning InDesign by designing a timetable! It’s a sufficiently unpolished beast (as is Illlustrator) on PC when compared against Photoshop (and, to a lesser extent, Premiere Pro), but it feels far simpler than Illustrator.

I’ve recently subscribed to Before & After magazine and they’ve got some articles around using Illustrator, and when I see how it’s done things do just click, but I still feel a very long way from anything vaguely resembling proficiency with the app.

If you’d care to know what I consider “proficiency”, basically I just mean being able to sit with a client and have Illustrator in front of you and use it without embarrassment. I’m inches away from that goal with Photoshop, and Premiere Pro has always felt like something I can just guess at and get right 95% of the time, but for the rest of Creative Suite/Production Studio… not so much.