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Flickering Flickr

Either I have supremely bad timing when it comes to trying to access their website, or their reliability sucks of late. I normally pop in to view or upload photos every fortnight or month, and of the last four times I’ve tried to access it (counting uploading/tagging session as one “access”), it’s been unavailable “having a massage” twice.

I am slightly more grumpy (only slightly) about this because I pay for it. Obviously it’s a system wide thing, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Blogger just dropping off the radar like that multiple times in a couple of months. LiveJournal has been known to, but their community give them enough crap about it they know people are unimpressed. (And, yes, MySpace does this all the time, but anyone using it as a benchmark of technical excellence should be taken out and shot.)

It just all came back online & it was fascinating watching as different parts of the site slowly came back together (presumably the caching servers were all flushed and slowly filling up again from the content servers via load balancers stopping the whole thing falling over again… so much geekage…)

Shrug, I’ll probably renew when it’s time, just coz it’s so good to be able to dump a couple of GB of photos up there whenever I want, and tag & search them easily later on. Plus it’s cheap storage (potentially cheaper than BingoDisk, even, though obviously more limited in scope) which is always a good thing to have around.