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Vodka Jelly

I just got a somewhat-bizarre phone call about how best to mix jelly and vodka. A spot of quick googling later (yes, take that, I just used it as a verb without respecting your trademark, punks) yielded this inebriation-friendly post from the BBC’s website:

The idea of vodkajelly is a simple one: get drunk as quickly as you can, by eating a food most commonly found at young children’s birthday parties.

The basic recipe is just that – very basic. Make up a packet of jelly, using between a quarter and half of the amount of water suggested. Top up with as much vodka as you like (or can handle).

Trust the Brits ;-)

Sounds worth trying sometime, though… probably not something to leave in a family-friendly fridge, and probably not with that sort of ratio… ½ Vodka jelly might be a bit much for those of us who would prefer not to get totally sloshed whilst eating dessert.