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ARIN2620 – Cyberworlds – A waste of time

If you a moderate degree of IT proficiency, this course will be wasting your time. On Wednesday I get to attend a one hour tutorial on how to use a library database. Further, our delightful course co-ordinator had the audacity to pretend that the tutorial “is vital, not only for your team, but for your individual assessment”.

Way to insult the collective intelligence of the course’s participants. Not that I have a particularly high regard for the required standard of intelligence to participate in said course. Hint: if you want a uni degree with very little effort, do a Digital Cultures major. The only problem will be trying not to shudder every time you see yourself in the mirror, because you will have buzzwords swarming around you without end. Oh, yeah, and you have to live with the knowledge that your study is of absolutely personal or (especially) professional value whatsoever, unless of course you like the poison so much you go back and start teaching it.

Yes, some hyperbole might have been tossed about in the making of this blog post. It’s still a bloody useless course (and, from what I can gather, major programme) that’s particularly good at insulting its participants’ intelligence.

Our university has a Learning Centre for those who struggle using basic ICT resources. I’m trying not to be too demeaning about it, but, in all seriousness, who would sign up for a course about the freakin’ Internet without knowing how to use a bloody library database? They taught those skills to kids when I was in primary school. Yes, that’s 1990′s.

I so can’t wait to give course feedback on this already.