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More strange dreams

An assessment turned cook-off. What does this have to do with cyberspace? Nothing, but that’s not the point. We’ve got (an indeterminate period of time, as is common in dreams?) to cook… well, cook something. Normally I’d protest, but we’re already in the assessment room and… well, it can’t end that badly.

But then our group was the last to finish, someone is arriving to taste-test, and we end up hiding in another room, not quite done. At that point there is an attempt to make the room look nice, scrounging a table from a bench, finding a tablecloth… and re-wiring house lighting into the right spot using only alfoil.

There was also another particularly irritating dream about a vision mixer that was a piece of crap and a whole bunch of people who didn’t know how to use it. And another one about how I talked too much and could I please shut up and give other people a chance to sometimes. So I did, and then I couldn’t attempt to tell people what they were doing wrong because of a matrix-esque “what-good-is-a-phonecall-if” fusion of the lips. Something to do with the beauty and horror of human relationships.

There is, of course, a certain un-veracity about all of this by its very nature. Even if I were making it all up, that says something too, does it not? I did not dream about truthfulness.