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Trinitron G420 & other things on the cheap

The things you find…

Sony Trinitron Multiscan CPD-G420

The one on the right is replacing the one on the left. The one on the right was found on the street – the one on the left was found in a rubbish dump a few months earlier. My secondary monitor just got an upgrade… I’ll be putting off that new LCD purchase for another couple of months!

And yes, that is Premiere Pro on the screen. CS3 has a free Beta available… I’m really loving it! It’s crippled in many ways but if you can’t afford Premiere and don’t already have an earlier version it’s a pretty good option. I’m probably going to install the free Beta on a secondary computer once CS3 goes gold and I buy the real thing… so there can be one real version that does everything, and another production-capable workstation also running CS3. Speaking of which, two projectors, two vision mixers, three cameras, two PC’s, a DVD player, a couple of radio mics and a whole bucketload of cables are getting a workout tomorrow evening for a cooking evening. Should be interesting… but I desperately need sleep now to be awake for then. Need more time to just veg and blog and talk to people and stuff… ahhh! *head explosion* Next week should be an improvement…